Five Ridiculous Ways You Are Overthinking Your Online Marketing

When people call us for social media help we do a detailed analysis of several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the their marketing world. They are often suprised to see what we measure is not what they were looking at before they called. Some examples are.

  1. Wringing your hands over the exact number of followers you have and getting excited when you get a new one.
  2. How well do you rank in Google?
  3. How many visitors came to the home page of your website?
  4. How many new blog posts did you write last week?
  5. How many Facebook updates did you do this week?

We have a proprietary system where measure and rank over 50 online marketing factors. The ones mentioned below are on our list to review, but we do so as a last resort and definitely as low priority tasks.

What should you be measuring instead?

  1. Is your interaction growing week over week? This is easy to see in a heartbeat when things are red or green. Don’t worry about the precise numbers.
  2. How much traffic are you getting from social media to your blog pages ?
  3. After people leave social media how long are they staying on your website?
  4. How much traffic is coming to your landing pages from social media? (Please tell me you have targeted landing pages)
  5. Is your paid social media campaign targeting the right audience?

If you’ve got questions about how to measure any of these, give us a call at 405 548 5185. We’ll put you on the right track to social media bliss.


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