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Over the years Focus Consulting has had the pleasure and the honor of working with some of the best clients a company could ask for. Here are words that they use when talking about us:

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Oscar Womack, Owner, Coherent Contracts, 405 618 4020, oscarwomack at coherentcontracts . com

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Patrick recently gave an information-packed presentation to our local chapter of the National Speakers Association. Patrick’s deep knowledge of internet marketing, combined with his boundless enthusiasm, made for an event filled with actionable ideas to make the absolute most of your internet presence in the most time-efficient way. The subject can seem daunting, but Patrick breaks it down into do-able chunks to get, well, Rockstar Results. He’s fantastic.

Patrick blew us away with timely information we could implement right away to improve our business. Not only was his information customized to our audience members, practical for both new and seasoned speakers, but he sincerely cared about answering specific questions to each individual. We were lucky to have him share his deep well of expertise and delighted by his authentic delivery which our members enjoyed immensely. Patrick is the consummate professional speaker any meeting planner or business executive could benefit from.

Dedicated to his clients, focused on their needs, Patrick has the tech skills plus the personality to help his clients get what they need. Not all “tech” people are also good at communication. 🙂

— Deborah Carney, CEO at Merchant ABCs

Patrick is very knowledgeable, creative and accurate in his processes and recommendations to improve SEO and increase your social media presence. He is a constant source of help and recommendations. I highly recommend connecting with Patrick and seeing what he can do for your business.

— Ann Bernard, Owner at Ann Bernard Enterprises

I recently heard Patrick present at the PMI OKC meeting. Patrick provided valuable and actionable information in an easy to understand manner. He is clearly an expert and knows how to explain what to do and why in a conversational style that inspires.

— Tammie Nelson, Sr. Project Manager for Oklahoma Outreach

Patrick knows his stuff, and his stuff ROCKS!

Your professional approach and proposal was a strong selling point; and your polished expertise was another driving factor. We appreciated your attention and listening skills; and we look forward to having a successful social media campaign soon.

Patrick Allmond knows his stuff. I thought I knew a lot about Social Media when in fact I really didn’t. This information was really helpful and I will apply it at my job to grow our social media presence. I liked learning about the easy accessibility to multiple networks at one time. Was EXTREMELY helpful!!

— Seminar Attendee

Patrick’s insights into becoming a paid speaker were specific and easy to implement, and his presentation style was so inspirational that I spent the drive home planning ways to implement many of the things he talked about. He has given me the motivation to move forward with my dreams and the knowledge to do so. Thanks, Patrick!

Patrick, I found your presentation to be very informative and very beneficial. It was the first time anyone has shared the mechanics of “speaking for pay” I believe it is important for anyone considering this field to know as much as possible before entering it. Your presentation raised other questions in my mind and also made me realize there are many elements to consider. Thank you for sharing your knowlege and time.

Patrick Allmond’s presentation was inspiration to me and all of the others in the room. This was not only true of those who were considering becoming a paid speaker, but also anyone in the room who harbored an ambition in their lives. He presented simple steps to success in a specific field and, at the same time, drew out our belief in our own abilities.

I really enjoyed your class, it was lively and very informative.

— Irma Braun-Hampton

I’m a little late in doing so, but wanted to let you know that the speaker (Patrick Allmond) you brought last week was great. I wish more people could have heard him, but it is truly their loss. He really knows his stuff and was an excellent communicator. He’s a great friend to have…

Patrick is the “go to” Social Media guru. He recently spoke at our local Project Management Chapter meeting and he rocked. His professionalism and ability to lead and teach people is right on. Patrick is definitely an expert in his field and someone you should reach out to for your Social Media needs. If you want to stay on top of the latest technology in the social media industry, then Patrick is your man. Plus he’s friendly, funny and caring!

— Shari Rostochil, Social Media for PMI Presentation

THANK YOU for answering so quickly. Are you the marketing company that never sleeps? Every time I have a question you are right there with an answer. Now that’s a company that has your back!! 😀

— Roberta Christine Fox-Luton

Patrick is a dreamer and a visionary! He has tremendous insight and knowledge and is creative in how he teaches. Out of the box with implementation when it requires it and a great team player. I always like finding people who just don’t talk a good game but actually deliver!

More Patrick Please!! (from a conference review)

— Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

This is so great! Glad people were fired up after the workshop. Always fun to see people putting the information to use right away. Thanks, Patrick! We love having you speak at our workshops.

— Kelsey Karper, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

We were able to apply several things you taught us that we couldn’t have figured out on our own, or at least without wastings days on end trying to figure it out. You saved us a lot of frustration too.

— Karen Mersman

If someone had told me a couple of days ago that I could start building a website this quickly and easily I would NOT have believed it… but thanks to your very informative presentation I just decided to jump right in.

— J. Barron

I worked with Patrick on numerous occasions on multiple projects in the technical support and application development areas. Patrick was easy to work with, dependable and dedicated to providing good service and quality products to clients. In the presentation area, he is a good presenter/communicator of technical and non-tech material as well as adding humor from time to time. He is professional in his approach and conduct for laying out strategy in resolving business problems. It was always a pleasure to work with Patrick.

Without a doubt one of the most driven individuals I have ever met. With a great desire to achieve nothing but the best results, Patrick always puts forth his best efforts.

— Justin Kopepasah, Robyn

Focus Consulting and Patrick Allmond conducted a WordPress class for the College of Engineering Research Administration department. It was a very worthwhile class. The tools we received enabled us to be able to create a new website using WordPress. We whole heartedly recommend Focus’ WordPress class to anyone who is going to use WordPress. It gave us multiple advantages that would have taken weeks to figure out

— Karen Mersman, Oklahoma State University

Patrick is a very confident worker with the experience and knowledge to back it up. For problems he hasn’t met before, he knows how to get the answers. I would look forward to the opportunity to work with Patrick again

It is both impossible to keep up with Patrick as well as list his qualities! He is high energy, a go getter, a man with seemingly endless talents! Spending time with Patrick is a joy and I hope we get to work together a lot more in the future

Patrick is a very detail oriented business owner. His professionalism helps create relationships that in turn create business. He is not afraid of new technology and utilizes it to benefit his clients’ needs

Patrick is the 21st Century prototype business owner

— Brian Lewis

Patrick is one of those rare individuals who goes out of his way to provide an extremely high quality service, using his expertise and creativity to enhance the value of his offering to his clients. I can tell that he spends time thinking about my account in ways I didn’t expect, and as a result, he continues to enhance my web presence while improving the overall quality of my website and associated items. He is making it easy for me, a small business owner, to have a sophisticated web presence without consuming all my time and energy.

— Tim Turner

Focus Consulting is a pleasure to work with. They did programming for my company, got the job done according to client specs, was thorough in their testing and met our timeline and budget needs

— Laurel Reynolds

I have worked with Focus/Patrick several times in business presentations. He has mastered leading and teaching people with expert insight, focused direction and great humor. He leads and guides individuals and groups in a unique way. It’s a gift most people don’t have. He has it.

— Mike Boatman