What you need to know to get

started with Google Plus Today

We spend a lot of time on Google Plus, and we were one of the first users of Google Plus so we’ve generated some great Google Plus resources for you to use.

Google Hangout Resources

  • Create a cool graphic label with your name/logo like you see on the news stations – HERE
  • A good Mac webcam broadcast program to use with Google Hangouts – HERE
  • A good Windows webcam broadcast program to use with Google Hangouts – HERE

Google Plus Business Pages

Google Plus business pages finally launced the week of November 7th, 2011. So far they are not much different than the Google Personal Profiles.

For Google Plus Business Pages it looks like you…

  • Can have multiple photo albums
  • Can build badges and widgets to share offsite from Google
  • CANNOT run contests on your Google Plus Business page. You can use your page to direct people to other places where contests are hosted
  • CANNOT develop any on page applications like Facebook Fan Pages

Make sure you follow our Google Plus Business Page today to stay up-to-date.

We are in the process of building more Google Plus Profile information and Google Plus Business Page information for you PLUS building some great Google Plus training. Sign up for updates below.