Focus Consulting was founded in November of 1998 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The goal was simple: To provide businesses with services from a company they could trust. If you work with Focus you will learn a variety of skills that will make you a better business owner. But the first thing you will learn is that you can trust us. If there is no trust, nothing can be learned or accomplished.

Over a decade later Focus is still providing services to companies big and small. Are you a budding entrepreneur that knows you need help but don’t know where to start with your online marketing questions? Focus is here to help you. Are you a large bank in Spain that needs Focus Consulting on-site to build an infrastructure and a training plan? We’ve done that too. Take a look at our customers page for a short list of the companies that we have helped around the world.

Focus Principal Officers:

Patrick Allmond, Chief Experience Manager

Patrick had the crazy idea over a decade ago to help people with their tech challenges on his terms. To do that he had to throw in the corporate towel at the end of 1998 and has never looked back. He is a passionate connector and teacher. Through him you will learn the right solutions to make you better, and the wrong ones that waste your time. He spends his day helping each client see through the noise of others, and helps them with the vision and focus of their online experience. When not making people smarter you might see him at a conference or gather sharing his ideas as he is also a frequent speaker on the subject of online marketing. Outside of work you will seem him bragging about his wife and daughter, or looking towards the skies. As a huge aviation enthusiast he is always wishing he was up there and not down here.

Focus Consulting – going strong for over a decade. What can we teach you today to make you more successful?

I worked with Patrick on numerous occasions on multiple projects in the technical support and application development areas. Patrick was easy to work with, dependable and dedicated to providing good service and quality products to clients. In the presentation area, he is a good presenter/communicator of technical and non-tech material as well as adding humor from time to time. He is professional in his approach and conduct for laying out strategy in resolving business problems. It was always a pleasure to work with Patrick.