Update: 4/17/2014
I’ve been slated as a speaker for multiple sessions at the OCPRA conference in 2014. I’ll be adding more information to this page as I get more information. Also be sure you follow my various social media accounts for updates.

Update: 7/10/2012

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak at the OCPRA conference. The session that I put on was well attended, and we even had to bring in extra chairs to accomodate. The initial feedback was very positive. And as promised here are your follow-up items:

1. Click How to Measure Everything on the Internet to get a softcopy of the handout that was handed out the session attendees.


Thanks again. I look forward to working with the OCPRA in the future on other events. Don’t forget that if you want to stay up-to-date with the work that my company is doing follow us on Twitter at @patrickallmond and on the Facebook Fan Page.

Patrick Allmond

Thank you for visiting my page which has information about my upcoming session at OCPRA 2012 (Oklahoma College Public Relations Association) which will be held in Durant, Oklahoma July 8th – 10th.

My name is Patrick Allmond and I’ll be one of your breakout session speakers at 10:45 on Monday morning. I’ll be driving down from Oklahoma City on Sunday to see what Durant has to offer and prepare for Monday. If you are a fan of measuring and metrics then I’d encourage you to attend my session, and to also to bring a friend.

My session will be focused on “How to Measure Everything You Do On The Internet”. I am a huge fan of social media and online marketing ( Want proof? Follow me and say hi on Twitter at @patrickallmond or LIKE the company fan page) . It has done amazing things for building community, getting free press, and generating awareness about your business that would have not otherwise had a chance. The one thing that social media does not do for you is give you good, actionable measurements. LIKEs are nice. Follows are nice. But if you work in a professional marketing organization one of the things you will need to be able to do is to measure your marketing efforts and prove that what you spent $1000 on this month had any impact. You cannot measure intent and emotion. But you can measure exactly what people take action on and where they are focusing. And that is what our session will cover.

Can I please ask a quick favor?

If there is anything in particular you want me to talk about during my presentation on measurement then scroll to the bottom of this page and leave me a comment. Also – share this page with anybody else you know that is going to OCPRA. Even if they don’t attend my session I think this page will be useful for them.

One last thing that I could really use your help with:

Can you please use the social media buttons (Like, share, G+, etc) on this page (upper, left) to help me spread the word about the upcoming OCPRA conference?

I’ll see you in Durant on July 9th, 2012.

Take Care,
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