Ready to start looking more professional, generating more leads, and walking all over your competition? You’ve come to the right place!

But first… have you ever been in this situation: You know you need a website for your business. Your competitor has one – and everybody else has one too. You know it will make you more money, make the phone ring more, and bring more customers in the door. But the budget is tight. Very tight. And you’ve been shopping for awhile to get a website but you just don’t have the budget to invest in a high dollar website that will set you back a few grand. Those big websites look great, but you are just getting up and running. You need a basic website. And you need it today.

Sound familiar?

What do you get as part of this package?

  1. A new domain name – You can immediately start using it on all of your marketing materials. A domain name is the that makes you look professional and stand out. You can use it in your emails, your windows, your invoices, etc. It shows that your business knows how to use technology when providing great customer service on the internet
  2. A fast new website in WordPress – You don’t have time to become a website guru or social media expert. Now you don’t have to. We install the MOST POPULAR web management software on your site so you can easily update your pages.
  3. Blazing fast hosting – Do you like slow websites? Neither do we. Studies have shown that people don’t have the patience for slow websites. If your websites moves too slow your potential customers will get bored, close the window, and start shopping someplace else.
  4. 4 pages of customized company information – We are going to add (at no additional charge) the following 5 pages to your site: About Us, Contact Us, Products & Services, Home Page, and a blog (Yes! You will immediately be able to start blogging and sharing company news/information. Right from your home computer or smartphone)
  5. 5 branded email addresses – What looks more professional:, or ? Keep up that professional image brand by ensuring clients reach you at your custom branded email address.
  6. A choice of 5 web designs – Focus has customized designed 5 easy to use WordPress graphic templates from you to choose from. Most good website designs can cost from $4000 – $10000. You get your choice of website templates, and we even take care of the installation.
  7. Marketing Mojo monthly membership – Training on how to be an internet rockstar. You automatically become a member of our private Marketing Mojo Inner Circle. You will be invited to monthly webinars (hidden to the public) about the best way to build your business in the online world. We’ll cover a new topic each month. Some of our past sample topics are: Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, How to speed up your website, How to do online video, How to podcast, How to become an author of eBooks on Amazon, etc. The list goes on and on. And you will get it automatically every month.

“Patrick knows his stuff. And his stuff ROCKS!”

“My Zero-risk, Money Back Guarantee + A free BONUS for you: Order this package today, follow our easy instructions after the order, and within 24-48 hours will have a website LIVE on the internet. If you don’t I’ll refund your $499, still create your website, and I’ll make a YouTube video telling people why your business is awesome.” – Patrick Allmond, The 14 year owner of Focus


I bet you are wondering… who is Focus?

Focus Consulting Incorporated is an online marketing agency that has been in business for over 14 years. We are located in the great city of Oklahoma City, in the great state of Oklahoma. We are composed of some of the best minds in online marketing. Our work is featured nationally, and we are constantly called upon by the press to give our opinion on the state of the internet, where it is going, and what people should be doing to get the most out of it. We love small businesses (like yours). And we are on a mission to be sure that every small business gets an affordable, internet presence. Whether it is social media, website design, search engine optimization or lead generation, we know what makes business work on the internet. And we want to show you so can be the next rockstar business in your market.

Still have questions? We’ve made this as easy possible. But if there is still something that you don’t understand email us RIGHT NOW at support @ We’ll get back to ASAP so you can get started and be on your way to rockstar internet status! Remember that every minute you waste is another minute of lost internet business.

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