We have an amazing set of social media tools, audio/video tools, and internet marketing tools at our disposal when we are working on your project. Most of these social media tools are free and available for anybody to use. We use the tools listed on this page (and several other secret tools) to improve the search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media projects for our clients. For a company to appear on this page we have to have used them ourselves and been very happy with the service we received.

For several of the tools on this page we list the relative cost in terms of Free, $, $$ and $$$
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  • GetClicky – $ – Our current favorite analytics tool. Allows real time user tracking and a level of detail that most other tools do not. You can drill down to each user session and track their route as they browsed around your site. Also has an iPhone version which we love.
  • Google Analytics – Free – The industry standard when it comes to web analytics. Provides an amazing amount of in-depth information about your web traffic. Also ties into your adwords accts for good measurements on conversion and PPC ad effectiveness.


  • Blue Yeti THX Microphone – We bought this microphone in November of 2010 and are in love with it. All of our microphones sounded great until we picked up this jewel. It is big and heavy which is exactly what you want for a desktop microphone. Not those skinny, light, flaky things you see at Walmart. The sound quality and settings are the best we have in the company now, and we look for reasons to record this. Customer feedback has been great from across the country also. If you want to up the quality of the internet marketing you do for your customers then you want this microphone.


  • MailChimp– Free/$  – The email mailing list software we use and love. Up to 500 people on your email list for free.


  • Stealth Seminar – Webinars are an amazing selling and lead generation tool. If you can sit at your office and educate your clients, then you have a very high value low expense way of building business. If you can automate it and repeat it – it gets even better. That is what Stealth Seminar does. It lets you set up regular, recurring, recorded webinars that generate business for you. Click the link and check it out.

Disclosure: Some of these links are direct links and some are affiliate links i.e. we get compensated for the referral. That does not affect who we list on this page. We fully support any company that we refer because we have used their services to grow our own business and to grow yours. If you have any questions or issues with the links on this page please contact us.