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3in5: Advanced Facebook Strategies That Will Rock in 2016

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Are You a Thought-Leader in Your Industry or an Average Commodity?

Last week I spoke at a conference in Orlando, Florida about the different aspects of digital marketing. There was a session about branding, one on the best tools to use, one on tribe building and another on email marketing. It was obvious that these topics still have a very high interest level as each session was very well-attended.

However, through my Q&A at the end  of each session (and during hallway conversations), I learned that there is a still a huge gap in the understanding of the WHY of social media. This forces questions like these to come up after my sessions:

  1. “Why do I need to do social media?” (Didn’t you go into business to get customers?)
  2. “What is the ROI of social media?” (What the ROI of waking up in the morning or driving to work? Not everything has a direct ROI. Most great things you do for your business won’t have a quantifiable ROI. )
  3. “Why should I do social media when my competition is already there and ahead of me?” (That’s the exact reason you should be doing it)
  4. “When am I going to find the time for this? I’m already too busy marketing the regular way” (See answer #1 above)

When I hear questions like these, I recall my business days in the past when I used to have the same questions. There was a time in my past where I really didn’t know why I was even in business for myself. It was just another way to get through a 7-5 day just like the regular corporate job I had left. My (foolish) goal was to be the best service of my type (since several people did what I did) at the cheapest price. Since my business expenses at the time were low, it was pretty easy to keep costs down. I had no real distinguishing attributes about my business other than I was cheap. Little did I know this was a horrible way to run a business. Fortunately I’ve seen the light since then.

Back to the conference last week. One of my common themes throughout all of my presentations was the importance of establishing oneself as a unique and distinctive business before you worry about social media marketing. I’ve developed a philosophy over recent years that I’ve been emphasizing in all of my speeches: There is nothing worse than being a “me too” commodity business. A “me too” business is never going to stand out or make a name for themselves. A “me too” business is never going to be listened to or get many referrals from other business owners that are shopping for their types of services. And a “me too” business is never going to be asked to speak at conferences or share their wisdom with fellow industry leaders which is a great way for accelerated business growth. If you do not have a single outstanding reason of why someone should pick you over another business, you are going to find sales and marketing very difficult. When someone asks you point blank why they should choose you over your competitor, you’d better be able to articulate the reason in a millisecond. Five seconds is too long. Ten seconds is a deal-breaker.

I’ve also summarized it with this phrase:

Nobody listens to the silent expert.

Check out the video I included on this page by Jay Abraham. His wisdom on this topic surpasses that of every business speaker and consultant that I’ve heard. The video is 45 minutes long so please be sure you set aside time to focusand take notes. If you enjoy it then click here and watch his stage presentation on the “Strategy of Pre-Eminence”.

Send me a message on Twitter when you have watched it and let me know what you think.

Take care my friend – P

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