3in5 Video: Three Big Lies About Internet Marketing

There are many misconceptions being spread around about internet marketing. We here at Focus read and pay attention to all of them because it is our responsibility to our clients to help them know the good from the bad. If you don’t know the big picture of your industry then you cannot make a fair assessment and bring value to those requesting your services.

As you know I can be very outspoken on some things. I don’t agree with a lot of the common thinking when it comes to my industry. So today I was finally able to get these three off of my chest with the latest 3in5 video “Three Big Lies About Internet Marketing”. I hope you enjoy and learn.

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About Patrick Allmond

Patrick Allmond, on air contributor at Fox and KSBI TV, is a 17 year business veteran at the Focus Online Marketing Agency, an Oklahoma City-based online marketing company. He loves to teach others and is a national trainer/speaker on the topic of internet marketing. When not teaching or speaking he loves to fly or spend time with his family. If you completely understand how to use the internet to generate more business then you don't need us. But if you don't have a clue as to what is going on with your online world then let's talk today. Your first step should be to get your Free Social Media Workbook today.