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HighLevel Custom Objects: Primer

April 01, 20241 min read

Have you heard about HighLevel Custom Objects?

Every CRM (including HighLevel) comes with a number of built in "Objects". Also known as tables/spreadsheets/data types/etc.

You use them every day: Contacts. Companies. Tags. Invoices. Orders. etc. etc. There are easily 50-100 custom objects in every CRM. And they work great for what they are designed for - to help you get leads and close business in HighLevel.

But what if you could create your own custom objects to manage data specifically for your industry?

Like event tickets. These don't work well in a normal CRM because each contact can attend many events and have many tickets to many events over the years. You can fake this with tags but it gets messy fast.

Or Inventory management.

Or Auto shop management

Or managing students taking various classes in a non-digital school.

Or... or... or

Once we have custom objects in Go High Level the world of data becomes your oyster.

And they are coming soon

Special Note: This video is about an upcoming feature of HighLevel that has not been released as of 2Q24. The author has no special access or insight about the topic in relation to HighLevel . The video is based on past experience and what we know so far. Make sure you subscribe here and on YouTube to get more information about this feature as we get early access to the Beta.

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Patrick Allmond

Patrick Allmond is a mutli-decade veteran of the marketing world. When he isn't traveling around the world speaking and showing people how to grow better faster you'll find him at the gym, flying a plane, or tickling the ivories learning piano. He can also be seen on several news affiliates for Fox/NBC/CBS/ABC/Telemundo talking business and social media safety in workplace and in our kids schools.

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