If you have business clients that are getting started or are struggling with their online marketing we can help you make them look like rockstars. And we can make you look good in the process.

Note: If you need to talk to someone ASAP or need a fast quote, email us at support at allaboutfocus.com or call us at 405 283 6287

If you offer complimentary services to our products, in-person training, online training, or monthly services we would like to talk to you about becoming a Focus Referral Partner. A Referral Partner is licensed to resell or refer our services in exchange for compensation. The amount of compensation varies depending on the services that the end-user ends up purchasing.

This is a great way to expand your service portfolio. The Focus Referral Partner program is ideal for:

  • Software and Hardware Service Companies
  • Public Relations Service Providers
  • Offline Marketing Companies (Direct Mail, Billboard, Television Advertising, Media Buyers)
  • Small Business Coaching Companies

Note: When you sign up as a partner you get a special coded link to each of the products we have for sale. That link will ensure your referral gets tracked and you get credit for the referral. We also have a great partner tracking system so you know exactly how many referrals and closed transactions you have sent. This is available for sign in 24/7/365. Even from your your mobile phone.

The first step is to complete our Focus referral partner application today. You will then be given access to a special partner-only area where you see the products that we are currently selling. You can download links and banners to promote these products from any of your websites, or from your email campaigns. If someone clicks on one of your links and completes a sale with us it will be tracked and reported online. In your members area you can see the current status of your account. At the end of every month if your balance is over $100.00 we will send you your earned commission. It is that easy.

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