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April 23rd – Pinterest. What is it?

For our April 2012 segment we talked about Pinterest and what you might use it for.

January 23, 2012 Topic – SOPA – Stop Online Privacy Act

This week we discussed the recent SOPA/PIPA bills that were recently protested online. HERE is a link to the article in WikiPedia. From there you should also find links to the 78 page PDF of the bill. I’d read both from cover to cover.

Patrick’s Take: The spirit of these bills is great but the language is too broad. I think this is a bad idea for several reasons: 1. The internet does a pretty good job of policing itself. 2. The government moves extremely slow while the internet moves very fast. Government organization’s have no business regulating the internet. 3. Do we want other governments blocking our content?

November 14, 2011 Topic – Cool Social Media Tools

Hootsuite (My Personal Favorite)

Can be found at Helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, MySpace, LinkedIn,, Foursquare, Mixi and I love it because it is web-based and I can get to it from any computer in the world.


Also allows you manage multiple accounts. But must be installed locally on your computer.

Written by a company out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Allows scheduling of updates and communicated with A LOT of social media sites. At lease twenty+.

October 17, 2011 Topic – Blogging.

Here is the information below on how to get started.

1. Click here to buy a domain and a hosting account from the company we recommend Hostgator. A domain is the name “” and hosting is the computer on the internet that will hold your files, your products and your web pages. Hostgator Web Hosting is a great place to run WordPress which we also recommend. Hostgator – our host costs less than $10/month – an expense any business can afford.

2. If you used the link above to buy your domain and/or hosting account I’ll install WordPress for you for FREE. Contact me by filling out the contact page . I’ll get the needed information from you and installed Wordress at no charge. But you must use the link above. Do it today and you could have your company website and blog up before dinnertime.

Once you have WordPress installed you can easily create new blog posts or pages about your products and services. If you’d like more help with WordPress or getting your site set up please fill out our contact page and we’ll get right back to you.

September 26th 2011 Topic – Facebook News and the new Timeline features

We talked about the news out of the annual Facebook F8 developer conference. The biggest change will be that your wall will be converted to more of a life timeline style within the next two months. You and your friends will view information as a continuous timeline from the present dating all of the way back to your birth.